06/27/2011 01:46 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2011

10 Business Strategies To Organize Your Family Life

About 11 years ago, two big things happened in my life: My wife and I started a family, and I launched a consulting firm. For years I was much more successful at running my company than managing our family―probably because I was taking specific steps to improve my business, then going home and winging it.

Well, a few years ago, it occurred to me that this made no sense, and that my family was in fact an organization, too―the most important one in my life. That realization was probably provoked by an innocuous (or so I thought) comment to my wife: “You know, honey, if my clients ran their companies the way we run this family, they’d go out of business.”

I’ll spare you the gory details of her response and just tell you that we eventually decided to figure out whether the tools and concepts I applied with my clients might help our home run more smoothly. I’m here to report that they absolutely did and might help you, too. (Don’t worry: None involve persuading a 10-year-old to endure the agony of a performance review.)

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