06/27/2011 03:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Viral Baby Academy By Landline (VIDEO)

Sure, making a successful viral video seems easy. You just turn on your camera or phone and grab some footage of something adorable, amazing, weird, crazy, unbelievable or hilarious that's happening, upload to YouTube and then sit back and watch the clicks roll in. And if you have a cute baby, your viral success is practically ensured, right?

Wrong. Not every baby has "it," and even fewer babies have "right-place-right-time it." What if your kid is a dud? It's not like you can give your baby to your maid or drop it off at a shelter like you did with that puppy who never did anything viral. No, if you find yourself the unwitting legal guardian of a viral fail, there's really only one thing to do: enroll your baby in the Viral Baby Academy.