06/28/2011 01:05 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2011

Ronald Stolberg, Man Charged In Wife's Murder, Wants Fresh Produce In Prison

A man accused of murdering his wife because she woke him up during the night reportedly wants "healthy food and more milk” in his Lake County Jail cell.

Ronald Stolberg, 47, was arrested earlier this month after his wife was found dead in their Vernon Hills home, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He reportedly told authorities he was angry with his wife, Rachel Stolberg, for waking him up "several times", during the night.

During a preliminary hearing Monday, Stolberg yelled out, "There is no food!" according to TribLocal. His lawyer then told the judge that his client is a vegetarian and wants fresh fruit and vegetables brought into the jail to accomodate his diet.

“We have milk and we have vegetables here,” Chief of Corrections Jennifer Witherspoon told the the News-Sun. “All of our meals are nutritionally balanced.”

She added that inmates are given what they need and told the News-Sun Lake County inmates may order other meal items through their commissary fund.

Prosecutors said Stolberg suffocated his wife by holding her face-down on the ground with great force.

"He pushed her so hard her teeth bit into her lips," Lake County Assistant State's Attorney Steve Scheller told the Chicago Tribune.

After she was dead, Stolberg allegedly went back to bed.

From the Tribune:

Wednesday morning, Stolberg noticed that his wife's hands were blue, but he left her and went to work, Scheller said. When he returned home Stolberg got something to eat and then turned over his wife's body, Scheller said.

Stolberg then called his mother and waited for her to arrive before telling her that his wife was dead, Scheller said.

A judge denied Stolberg's request for fresh produce Monday, telling his lawyers "He’s just going to have to eat what they have.”