07/05/2011 10:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reporter Chris Unitt Volunteers For Ridiculous Bike Stunt (VIDEO)

Roving reporter Chris Unitt is what some might call a good sport. But we're willing to bet that after watching this video, more than a few of you will be calling him out of his mind.

As you'll see below, Unitt was given a live demonstration of one of circus act Cirque Eloize's thrilling stunts in Boston, only this act involved his head coming dangerously close to a bouncing bicycle. And did we mention the wheel also goes between his legs?

We can hardly imagine what was going through Unitt's head while he was lying there, but if we had to guess, it was probably something close to "AAAAAAAHHHAHHHHHHHHHH!!"


Via The Daily What