07/07/2011 07:07 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2011

HuffPost Greatest Person Of The Day: Emily DeScalo And Her Team Document The 'New Poor'

Socks are the least donated pieces of clothing -- but they're one of the most requested items -- according to Emily DeScalo, who is on a mission to help provide one million socks to struggling Americans.

The sock project is part of a student film endeavor to shine a light on the "new poor," the 13.9 million unemployed Americans and those whose jobs do not pay them enough to feed their families.

DeScalo is one of eight film students who will travel 8,451 miles by car to 36 cities in 16 states. The plan is to spend four weeks filming and blogging about the "new poor" and those who help them.

"We're trying to show these people that there is help out there," DeScalo, 21, said. "We're trying to show that everyone can do something within their means."

The film students are working for No Nonsense Clothing, which has teamed with Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) for the project.

All types of charitable organizations will be visited during the trip, from small homeless shelters to larger programs with the infrastructure to serve thousands, according to No Nonsense.

"There are so many unemployed and children living below the poverty line right now," DeScalo said.

DeScalo, who graduated this year with a degree in film and television from Boston University, said she hopes the students' short films from their trip will inspire others.

"It will be uplifting for people to see who these socks are going to," DeScalo said. "They might think, maybe I could do this little thing to help."

Just two days in, DeScalo said she's benefited from her efforts to support others. It's even made her want to pursue documentary filmmaking.

"We're growing personally and this is something that we'll continue doing," DeScalo said. "This is what life's about. When you see how you can affect someone else's life, it's amazing.

K.I.D.S., which has been fighting poverty since 1985, started by assisting children suffering from famine in Ethiopia. K.I.D.S. acts as a conduit for retailers and other businesses to link up with aid organizations.

To donate socks to the campaign, visit No Nonsense's Facebook page.

You can also keep up with DeScalo and her fellow students here.