07/07/2011 12:01 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2011

iPhone 6 Rumors Emerge: New Charger Coming?

Lost in the iPhone 5 rumor-palooza yesterday was the juicy tidbit that the next Apple product--yes, the iPhone Six--may be coming with a new charger.

Apple Insider has already reported rumors on the iPhone 6, suggesting it will be coming soon equipped with a flashy new LCD screen. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that one of the updates being discussed for the new iPhone (not the one being released this year--the one being released next year) is "a new way of charging the phone." Citing anonymous "people briefed on Apple's plans," the Journal also wrote that the Cupertino company is "planning a major iPhone revamp" for 2012.

Note that this has been phrased very delicately--it is not "a new charger," but rather "a new way of charging the phone." Could the iPhone be going totally wireless? Is it ridiculous to think that Apple might be experimenting with solar charging? And from a practical point-of-view, how worried should we be that the new iPhone will no longer be compatible with any of our current chargers and accessories?

The iPhone 5, meanwhile, may be set to be released some time in autumn of this year, though Apple has yet to make a formal announcement. Check out our guide to iPhone 5 rumors here.