07/07/2011 01:33 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2011

Tim Pawlenty Won't Hide Himself In Regret Over His Love For Lady Gaga

Tim Pawlenty needs to do something to win a news cycle, if not the Ames Straw Poll, so maybe coming out as a fan of Lady Gaga will help? I don't know. Just try anything, Tim.

Hooray, for Lady Gaga ending up in a Washington Post process story:

It wouldn't be a presidential campaign without probing questions from the likes of MTV about inappropriate things like undergarments. But this week, the question came from the candidate himself -- former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty -- who turned the tables on a team of pop-culture bloggers in Ames, Iowa, by asking them to name their favorite Lady Gaga song.

Ka-blam! Tim Pawlenty is straight up "turning the tables" on "pop-culture bloggers" in Iowa. The Post's Amy Gardner thought -- probably correctly! -- that Pawlenty was "itching" for someone to put the same question to him, and so she did. Perhaps riskily, Pawlenty professed affection for Gaga's gay-rights anthem, "Born This Way":

"Well you know, in terms of the beat, I like 'Bad Romance,'" Pawlenty said. "I gotta say, even though she's a little unusual, 'Born this Way' has some appeal. She's actually very talented. Now if you go to the end of the HBO special, the Lady Gaga HBO special, and you watch her sing a cappella "Born This Way," she can sing. She can definitely sing. She's talented."

As noted political columnist William Safire once said, "Rah-rah, ah-ah-ah, roma, roma-ma, ga-ga, ooh-la-la, et cetera."

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