07/08/2011 09:57 am ET Updated Sep 07, 2011

Abigail Jane Suber, Boulder Woman, Charged With Extortion After Threatening To Call Immigration On Longmont Couple

Abigail Jane Suber, 28, a Boulder woman, has been charged with felony extortion after threatening to turn in a Longmont couple to immigration officials if they did not pay her money after a car accident in which, the couple claim, she was at fault.

According to the Daily Camera, Suber had a collision with Hector Holguin-Perez, 41, of Longmont near Pearl Street in Boulder. Suber then threatened to call immigration authorities on Holguin-Perez and Irma Hernandez, his wife, if Holguin-Perez did not admit fault in the accident and pay her $400. Later, Suber increased her blackmail demands and asked for $800 from the couple, Hernandez and Holguin-Perez said in a statement to police.

7News obtained a copy of the threatening voicemail message that Suber left the couple. Suber says:

I will go ahead and send my immigration lawyer and the police over your way to go ahead and collect a check. I will be calling them tomorrow morning to confirm.

Hernandez saved the message and gave it to Boulder police which led to Suber's arrest. Suber could face up to four years in prison, according to CBSDenver.

CBSDenver also reports that federal authorities may also look into the immigration status of Holguin-Perez and Hernandez.