07/08/2011 09:53 am ET Updated Sep 07, 2011

Jenna Jameson Loses Legal Battle Over Ditching Gig For Perez Hilton's 'Blue Ball' Party

Jenna Jameson, one of the world's most famous porn stars, is being held accountable by a court in suburban Chicago for something decidedly un-sexy: breach of contract.

The actress, who's called by her legal name Jenna Marie Massoli in the case, was contracted to come to two theaters in the suburbs, for a book signing of her latest title, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star and a screening of her 2008 movie, "Zombie Strippers!", according to the Chicago Tribune.

Shortly before the appearance, she allegedly sent a note to theater owner Ted E.C. Bulthaup III saying that she had some vague kind of "medical emergency" and wouldn't be able to make the gigs on March 24th through 26th of this year.

Trouble for Jenna: it only takes a cursory Googling to see where she was that weekend. And it isn't in the hospital:

Jameson attended Perez Hilton's glamorous "Blue Ball" birthday party on March 26, and she didn't look particularly sick at all.

A furious Bulthaup alleges in the suit that he sold hundreds of advance tickets, and spent thousands of dollars on advertising the events. He claims he stood to make over $50,000 from Jameson's appearances, and wants recompense for that cash, according to the Naperville Sun.

On Thursday, DuPage County Judge Patrick Leston entered an "order of default" against Jameson, the Chicago Sun-Times writes, after she didn't show up to her day in court and didn't send a lawyer. A final judgment on her breach of contract will be rendered in late July, once Bulthaup can more thoroughly document the revenue he lost.

Perez Hilton's blog had a cheeky, exclamation point-riddled post responding to the suit, which concludes: "We're super flattered you'd risk this for us! We know you're not worried, though. That's just a drop in the bucket. See you next year, girlfriend!"