07/10/2011 12:50 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2011

Emma Stone Reveals Girl Crush On Christina Hendricks To The Advocate

She's starring in three summer flicks this year, making Emma Stone one Hollywood's most desirable young actresses. Though she remains mum on her own love life these days, Stone revealed her ultimate girl crush and the truth behind Ryan Gosling's abs in a new interview with The Advocate.

"Christina Hendricks. It's a no-brainer," the actress replied when asked what girl she's crushing on these days. "Everything about her does it for me. That's my kind of woman."

Though she's open about her girl crush, she remained coy when asked about her real love life.

"I'm afraid that if I ever expose those parts of my life, it will just open up a floodgate of more speculation," she said about talking about her personal life. "So I don't ever want to talk about relationships or family in interviews. That would be like meeting a stranger for the first time and telling them all that stuff."

On the big screen, however, Stone doesn't hold back -- she gets down and dirty with Gosling in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.'

So, what's the deal with his abs?

"Well, I got to touch [his abs] too, so I can confirm that he isn't photoshopped at all," referencing her line in the movie trailer. "He put in all the hard work, and it will not disappoint you.

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