08/14/2011 03:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Intern Diaries: A Female College Student Working In PR In NY

Intern Diaries: Notes from the Fashion Underground is a column that goes straight to the source of the fashion industry: the free labor. In this column, anonymous interns tell all about their terrible bosses and entitled coworkers as they endure ridiculous tasks which include, but are not limited to, fetching dry-cleaning, going on coffee runs and acting as a substitute nanny. This week's intern is an college student working at a French fashion house's office in New York City. This week's intern is a female college student working at a PR company in New York City.


6:15 a.m. Alarm goes off. Even if you don't own a Blackberry, everyone knows that Antelope Alarm gets anyone up.
6:18 Body is up, but eyes aren't open yet.
6:20 First attempt to put my contacts in.
6:22 Second attempt. Only if I owned a pair of glasses that had CHANEL on it would they be acceptable.
6:28 Vision = 20 - 20. Time to get dressed for daily workout.
6:30 The Treadmill looks like the highway to hell.
7:25 "GTL" - Gym, Tired, Leaving.
7:28 Time to wash off the tomboy and put on fashionista.
7:50 Blowing drying hair longer than your shoulders becomes a pain. Debate shaving it off. Hey if Demi Moore can pull it off can't I?
8:00 COFFEE COFFEE. 2 cups down, 2 to go.
8:10 Sitting, staring at my clothes. Don't want to be a repeat offender. But I must pull a Kate Middleton- put on my go to Floral Dress by Cynthia Steffe, pair it with 4-inch Michael Kors wedges.
8:50 Walking to the subway, passing the most beautiful bankers I have ever seen. Should I go into investment banking? Nah... Investing in fashion so much better.
9:32 Amex Reports. They charged this much for what?
11:00 An event is happening at a high end venue, told to find a vendor to rent decorations from.
1:30 p.m. Getting up to eat finally when... "Can you run and get this up on 52nd street please"?
1:32 Hello HopStop.
1:40 Off to midtown in 90-degree heat in 4-inch heels.
2:15 In the office of one of the top nail polish companies in the nation. I think I'm wearing one of their colors on my toes.
2:30 Pick up 50 colors, plus 4 for own personal collection. I have heard in the fashion industry you do get a lot of freebies.
3:15 LUNCH at my desk. Hey at least its lunch.
4:00 I have to wear what tomorrow?
4:45 Only sizes 0, 2, 4.
5:10 Told to be at event venue at 9 am tomorrow with no chipped nails. Who is looking at my nails in this outfit.
6:30 Throwing in the towel.
7:15 Home sweet home.
9:00 My pillow is calling my name.


6:15 a.m. Wake up.
6:18 Vision.
6:30 Work out time.
7:20 GTL.
7:30 Shower, Hair, Make up.
7:50 Coffee cup number two. Coffee is my drug.
8:20 Looking at my dresses, when I remember I was told to wear something comfy with a fresh Mani.
8:25 Attempt to do my own nails.
8:30 Leggings, t-shirt, a pair of Nike running shoes. This is comfy!
9:40 Put my running shoes to work on the way to subway.
9:30 How many feet? "7, 000.. And we have to lay it down."
10:30 Called over to help unpack inventory. Thankful at the time, I soon start to smell like a soccer field.
10:32 Is this real life? I need to unpack 4,000 cups. And count them...
12:30 p.m. 2,565 down...
2:30 3,998 cups. Suppose to be 4,000, only 2 short!
2:45 Was told to find the two missing cups. Said I found them... what they don't know doesn't hurt.
4:00 Called out for my ugly nails.
4:15 Was told I have 30 minute break... run to Rite Aid to get nail polish, lunch was going to have to wait.
4:30 Doing my nails with fellow intern outside, when spotted: Camera Diaz and A-Rod.
4:32 Got in another work out by running after them.
4:45 Back to work, unpacking more inventory.
7:00 Given my outfit for the night.
7:20 Dressed for the night with other interns, if I told you what we wore, I might have to kill you.
7:25 Hey, at least we get paid.
8:00 Doors open- told I would be on my feet for 4-5 hours.
9:30 Someone complimented me on my outfit. Judging by her outfit I understood why she thought these hideous shorts were cute.
10:30 Regretting my 4 inch black heels, feeling the blisters.
11:00 Yes definitely have blisters.
11:05 My feet are going to fall off.
12:00 a.m. Event done, clean up time.
1:00 Pass out on the couch.


6:15 a.m. Alarm goes off. Snooze.
7:15 I guess no work out for me today.
7:45 Top knot will have to do.
7:50 Chug a cup of coffee.
8:15 Realize it's Friday. In my office you're allowed to wear jeans, shocker right? I am feeling super trendy in my new boyfriend jeans, vintage Police T, nude blazer, turban headband, and my Stuart Weitzman 4.5 inch mules.
8:45 Remembering my blister, decide to put on flats for the walk over.
9:15 Sit on a bench a block away from the office. Shoe switch.
10:00 Told a client is coming in for a pitch and must remove any beverage that is not theirs from the office.
10:35 Asked if I would like to view an event venue.
11:00 Heading up town in a cab with my two bosses. Realized they are still human, even though they have impeccable style.
11:15 Arrive at the Empire Hotel, wondering if I'll meet Chuck Bass. (Let's admit gossip girl is a guilty pleasure).
11:40 Asked to help measure. Good thing I have 4-inches on me, no way would I have been able to reach the heights they asked.
12:00 p.m. Heading back to Soho, Cab drivers in Manhattan have a death wish.
12:15 Quick lunch- completely understand how people lose weight in this industry, all work no play.
12:45 Asked to help the only straight guy in my office unload some boxes.
2:00 That was annoying.
2:15 #sosickofeveryonetalkinginhashtags.
2:30 My office loves social media, I think I am ready to give in... follow me @****_***.
3:30 Asked to research centerpieces for our event next week.
3:45 Think I found the best thing ever, propose it to my boss, and shut down.
4:00 Second time... fingers crossed.
4:05 She approves- thankful to end my day.
4:30 Out early for Fridays, in desperate need for a drink. (Perhaps a watermelon picnic cocktail?)

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