07/12/2011 06:48 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2011

The Worst Has Happened: Life After The Death Of My Children

It was so horrific it became national news: Two years ago my three little girls were killed when my sister-in-law drove the wrong way down a New York highway. People wonder how you can go on after a tragedy like that. The answer is, you have to.

My life changed so dramatically on July 26, 2009, that I sometimes wonder if I'm still the same person. I used to hear stories of awful tragedies and think of all the reasons it could never happen to me. I found out that the unthinkable can happen to any of us.

On that Sunday afternoon Diane Schuler drove a minivan the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway in New York and slammed headfirst into an oncoming SUV. Eight people died in the collision, including three little girls who were sitting in the minivan's backseat.

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