07/12/2011 01:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Keith Day, Blind Since Birth, Saves Colorado Teenager After Fall From Horse

17-year-old Morgan Trujillo was rounding up cattle when thrown from her horse in Weld County, Colorado, last week. An accident that fractured a bone in her skull, bruised her brain, and left her painfully screaming in a field.

Keith Day, the owner of the ranch, heard it happen and set out to find her. But as Day has been blind since birth, he had to walk several hundred yards through a field to her -- following her screams for help as his only means of navigation.

Day found her and checked for broken bones. Cell phones don't work in the field, and he was afraid to leave her alone, so he carried Day all the way back to the house over a barbed wire fence.

He told the Greeley Tribune he was aware that moving an injured person could be harmful, but "was afraid that if she blacked out [he] couldn't find her again after going to the farmhouse, or she might pass out with her face in the dirt and stop breathing."

The girl was airlifted to North Colorado Medical Center, where she says of Day, "if he didn't go get me, I might not be here right now."

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