Keith Olbermann Issues Blistering Warning To Obama Over Potential Cuts To Social Security And Medicare (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann tore into President Obama for contemplating a compromise with the Republicans over the debt ceiling that includes cuts in Social Security and major changes to Medicare.

Obama has repeatedly offered to raise the age of Medicare eligibility, and has put Social Security cuts firmly on the table in his attempts to craft a deal with the GOP to raise the debt ceiling.

In a Special Comment on his Monday show, Olbermann spoke out strongly against any tinkering with Medicare and Social Security. He delivered what he called a "sermon" about what he called America's "greatest accomplishment": the social safety net that includes the two programs.

Olbermann then issued a stinging warning to President Obama about what might occur if he agreed to alter Medicare and Social Security:

"I cannot foresee what will happen politically if you craft a compromise to a manufactured political crisis ... I cannot forecast if you have made yourself unelectable next year or if there's just enough greed and self-serving amnesia to reduce such an attack on that safety net to a political blip ... I find I cannot forecast if the rest of us, battered by your compromises here and your 'it's a start's' there, will bother any longer to defend you. I find I can't forecast if I will still be able to support you ... if this deal with the Republicans takes a dollar away from those people who do not have a dollar to spare while preserving the millions for those who have millions more, if this deal, sir, keeps intact funding the mechanisms we have for killing people while cutting the mechanisms we have for keeping people alive and healthy, then it is a betrayal of everything that makes this country great."

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