07/12/2011 04:45 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2011

Travis Forbes Is Back In Custody, This Time For Assault And Arson (UPDATE)

The self-admitted lone "suspect" in the case of missing woman Kenia Monge has been arrested in a separate ordeal in Fort Collins. Travis Forbes, 31, has been charged with arson and the assault of Lydia Tillman who jumped from her second-story apartment window while it was burning July 6.

Forbes was reportedly taken into custody early July 10 by Fort Collins Police on a charge of falsely reporting his identity and say he became a person of interest when they learned he had been in the same area during the fire last week. His bond has been set at $350,000.

The Coloradoan reports that a K-9 unit and at least 12 people can be seen searching a field surrounding the home of Ken Forbes, Travis Forbes's father. Police are executing a search warrant of the home near 1900 Turnberry Road, according to 7News.

Kenia Monge's parents told KDVR that they believe Forbes is the only one who knows where their daughter is.

"Travis Forbes has more to tell us about the morning of April 1st. The whole story is not there and we need the answer to that," Monge's father, Tony Lee told KDVR in a interview. "There is no doubt in my mind now that he knows where Kenia is."

Fort Collins police spokeswoman Rita Davis told HuffPost the arrest affidavit has been sealed and that "no one is authorized to release anymore information yet".


9News reports that Forbes was arrested again the following night on charges of attempted first-degree murder, sexual assault, arson and aggravated motor-vehicle theft.

The Huffington Post reported that Tillman's severe injuries initially kept her from talking for police. According to the Denver Post, many of Tillman's injuries stem from the assault before she lept from the burning apartment building. 9News reported that Forbes allegedly assaulted Tillman before pouring bleach over her body and setting fire to the apartment.

An official from an undisclosed hospital where Tillman has been treated told HuffPost that they "no longer have a patient by that name anymore." Tillman's condition and current involvement with police in the investigation are unknown.

Back in April, Forbes labeled himself a "suspect" in Monge's case during an interview with 9News even though Lieutenant Matthew Murray told HuffPost that he was not officially being called a suspect.

Forbes then told news sources and police that he saw Monge walk away with a man she borrowed cigarettes from at a gas station on April 1 and never saw her again. However a search warrant obtained by police showed Forbes turning off the security cameras at Deby's Bakery & Café--where he worked at the time but has since been fired--and they remained off for approximately two hours during which at least two witnesses told police the saw Forbes burning something unidentifiable in a 55-gallon barrel. Before the surveillance was shut off, Forbes was captured wheeling an oversized cooler inside that was wrapped with duct tape.

Forbes later told a friend that the cameras were turned off so he could steal $60 from the register, which was discovered missing by his employer.

Various news sources also reported in April that Forbes's record is far from being clean. 9News first revealed that Forbes has been arrested three times for burglary and several times for assault.

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson told KDVR that the cases thus far appear unrelated, and is still not identified as a suspect in the unsolved Monge case.