07/13/2011 04:38 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2011

Stephen Colbert Drills Talisman Energy For Frack-Friendly Kids Coloring Book Talisman Terry

There's no question many of us doubt the oil and gas industry's assurances that 'fracking,' the method used to extract oil deposits from shale, is a 100% safe practice. No matter how many cushy videos are released or outrageous claims their spokespeople make ("I've had fracking fluid in my mouth, I've tasted it, I'm fine"), it's hard to combat footage of water in homes near oil wells lighting on fire.

The newest PR move comes courtesy of Talisman Energy, who created a 24-page fracking friendly coloring book (to be fair, as Mother Jones points out, the book never actually calls it 'fracking') to create a positive spin.

Stephen Colbert satirized the coloring book, and as might be imagined, it's hilarious. (Scroll below the video to read through the full book) WATCH (from Colbert Nation): The coloring book, laid out in a wonderfully ironic environmentally friendly double-sided format: Talisman Terry