07/13/2011 07:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Swan Oyster Depot's Secret Stew On The Cooking Channel (VIDEO)

Everyone lined up on Polk Street knows it's worth the wait at Swan Oyster Depot, and now the rest of the nation knows, too. On Tuesday night, our beloved hole-in-the-wall was featured on the Cooking Channel's "Hook, Line and Dinner" with the show's seafaring host, Chef Ben Sargent. In the series, Sargent tours the coasts checking out the nation's very best seafood. And Sargent knows it when he sees it: Before becoming a chef, he was famous for slinging lobster rolls out of his Brooklyn apartment, earning him the nickname Doktor Klaw. Rock and roll.

In this episode, Sargent talks shop with Swan Oyster Depot owner Tommy Sancimino, whom we learn is surprisingly reminiscent of Chris Penn in "Reservoir Dogs." Sancimino takes the crew back in the kitchen to learn the secret behind his off-the-menu oyster stew. (Milk, no cream.) Get in on the goods below.