'Not Afraid Of Life' Vs. 'Going Rogue': Bristol And Sarah Palin's Book War By The Numbers

Bristol Palin's new book, "Not Afraid Of Life: My Journey So Far," has a long way to go if she wants it to rival the success of her mother's debut book, "Going Rogue.” However, if it does top her mom's book in sales, Bristol would find it more than slightly amusing.

“Oh my goodness, we are actually going to have a dual book signing in Minnesota," Bristol tells me. "If my line is longer than my mother's, I will just die of laughter. We competed for ratings before with her TLC show and 'Dancing with The Stars.'”

Bristol howled when I reminded her that her show did much better in the ratings, responding, “She’s untouchable, definitely." She also confirmed that her mother has, in fact, decided whether or not she will run again for presidential office. The decision was made after consulting with the family -- but Bristol isn't giving me any clues as to whether it's a yea or nay from team Palin.

“I was so much more worried during the campaign as to how I was going to provide diapers for Trip and how I was going to pay for his hospital bills and stuff like that, so I was probably a little bit grumpy,” Bristol tells me. “It was definitely something I hadn't experienced at all, but it's made me into another person and I'm so much stronger and thankful for the experiences I have had. I think we are all very confident in my family."

And also very competitive! Although Sarah need not worry yet -- insiders tell me Bristol’s book has sold fewer than 8,000 copies so far.