07/15/2011 11:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

United States Of Netflix: Map Plots States' Favorite Movies (PICTURE)

Want a hint at what DVD your neighbors may be watching?

Netflix lets users search by state to view the ever-changing "local favorites" list of the 25 most popular movies in each major city. Slacktory looked up every state in the country, weeded through the top titles and produced a map that could be called the "United States of Netflix:" a visual that displays favorite movies by state.

Washington, for instance, loves the 90s grunge-romance classic "Singles," Hawaii is digging "Hawaii's Last Queen", Utah is watching "Emily Smith: My Story," and New Yorkers like to see representations of themselves in "New York Stories." There were also some favorites that were a bit more surprising. Like Slacktory, we were also surprised that people in and around Hattiesburg, Mississippi are watching "Beverly Hills Chihuahua."

We should note that the movie titles displayed on the map may be among that state's favorite movies, if not necessarily the most-watched Netflix rental. Slacktory chose titles based on the top 25 "Local Favorites" list for major cities in each state, which is a list of titles that currently are being rented by members in one city much more than other Netflix users. For example, the film "All Roads Lead Home" is actually Hattiesburg, Mississippi's most watched movie, while "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," the title plotted on the map, is actually number 10 on the list.