07/16/2011 04:47 pm ET Updated Sep 15, 2011

Hugo Chavez Cancer: Venezuelan President Delegates Powers To Vice President Elias Jaua

Just one day after he announced his return to Cuba to undergo another phase of cancer treatment, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez delegated select powers to Elias Jaua, the vice-president, a report from Al Jazeera stated.

This comes in the wake of Chavez resisting requests from his political opposition to "temporarily handover the presidency" to Jaua. Instead he delegated mostly budgetary powers to the vice president and Jorege Giordani, the finance minister.

Weeks ago, the Venezuelan president announced to the world in a televised address that he had undergone a successful operation to remove a cancerous tumor.

"They confirmed the existence of a tumourous abscess, with the presence of cancerous cells, which required another operation to extract the tumour completely," he said. "I deeply appreciate the demonstrations of solidarity by Venezuelans and other brotherly people."

The Miama Herald reported that the vice president would oversee "budget transfers to government ministries, presidential commissions" and any other budgetary matters until Chavez is able to return. Giodani will also handle "budget shortfalls and tax exemptions."

Amid more debate from his opposition as to whether he should remain in control while receiving his treatment in Havana, Chavez simply said "I will come back much better than I am right now."