07/19/2011 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Heat Exhaustion: How To Stay Cool In Heat Wave (VIDEO)

It's official: heat wave 2011 is in full force. And if you're out and about in this scorching summer weather, it's inevitable that you're going to find yourself in the middle of some intense situations like heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion, or heat prostration as it's sometimes called, is a common condition caused by prolonged exposure to intense heat, and marked by symptoms like dizziness and weakness. It has no race or age boundaries and can strike anyone who's spent some time in the sun. Once noticed, it's easy to fully recover from this sunny ailment, but not unless you know the signs and treat immediately - untreated, heat exhaustion can turn dangerous fast, leading to heat stroke and other serious weather-related illnesses.

If you're brave enough to stand the steamy summer heat wave of 2011, have fun, but remember to keep an eye out for excessive sweating, sunburn, panting and chills, and even nausea. If you suspect you or your family members might be susceptible to heat exhaustion, keep these helpful tips in mind.