07/19/2011 12:59 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2011

Nancy Grace Defends Coverage of Casey Anthony Trial To Piers Morgan (VIDEO)

HLN host Nancy Grace angrily defended media coverage of the Casey Anthony case on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" Monday.

Morgan questioned whether Anthony should be vilified or allowed to lead her life in peace given that she was acquitted.

"That's why she killed her child. That's why she got the tattoo, the Sweet Life. That's why she partied on a stripper pole in a mini skirt and a pushup bra, while Caylee was missing, i.e. rotting," Grace responded.

Grace also defended the public's right to comment on Anthony's verdict and lifestyle as freedom of speech, making a slight towards the British for not having a bill of rights.

Morgan, who is British, was unmoved by the jab, and acknowledged that while the British do not have a bill of rights, they also do not have "trial by television." He criticized media coverage in high profile cases where "the results normally go the wrong way to public opinion," particularly in the case of Casey Anthony where "most people were directed to believe that this woman killed her child."

Grace countered that her viewers could make up their own minds. She referenced America's forefathers to further defend widespread coverage of the case. She said they wanted "every courtroom in America to be big enough for the entire community to hear the trial."