07/21/2011 09:38 am ET Updated Sep 20, 2011

Hilary Swank's 'Shrapnel': Actress To Star In, Produce Graphic Novel Adaptation Movie

Hopefully Hilary Swank remembers a few of those boxing lessons, as she's about to enter a whole new world of fighting. Literally.

Variety reports that Swank will both produce and star in "Shrapnel," a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel trilogy by M. Zachary Sherman and Bagus Hutomo. An anti-establishment sci-fi opus, Amazon.com describes the first of the novels thusly:

Venus, 2250. After five years of war, the last free colony in the Solar System is about to fall. Unknown to the attacking Marines - or even the colonists themselves - the most infamous heroine of the war has gone into hiding in exile on their planet. Now she must organize a revolt against the very Marines she once fought alongside and lead the colonists to freedom.

Swank, a two-time Oscar winner (2004's "Million Dollar Baby," the aforementioned boxing film, and 1999's "Boys Don't Cry"), has had a bit of a slow patch since her 2009 biopic of famed pilot, Amelia Earhart, crashed with both critics and moviegoers. Her latest, "The Resident," which she also produced, was a low budget horror film that went straight to DVD. She did have a small hit with 2010's indie, "Conviction."

She'll next appear in a decidedly different film, the massive ensemble romantic comedy, "New Year's Eve."

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