07/21/2011 09:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sofia Vergara Reveals Beauty Tips: 'Modern Family' Star Loves Being Sexy

Sofia Vergara, perhaps best known for her role as Gloria in the hit show 'Modern Family,' is not shy when it comes to her sex symbol status. Unlike other Hollywood starlets who dread being known solely for their looks, Vergara embraces her sexiness.

“I love it. Of course, it’s great at my age. It’s fantastic,” Vergara told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I think that everything that is positive and good helps out with your career. Why not embrace it and take advantage?”

Vergara is currently promoting her new flick, "The Smurfs," where she plays a French cosmetics executive. And when it comes to looking the part of a cosmetics guru, the CoverGirl dished out some essential beauty tips.

The Colombian born beauty points out that wearing sunblock, especially during these brutal summer months, "helps with the aging process." And how does she maintain her amazing figure?

“Everything in moderation," she told FOX411. "Not too much food, not too much exercise, not too much anything. Everything in moderation."

And by looking at these recent pictures posted to her Twitter account, it looks like her balancing act pays off. While in New York City promoting "The Smurfs," Vergara had some time to catch up with some old friends--and party, of course.

Vergara is currently shooting the Farrelly Brothers comedy "The Three Stooges," and she's also set to appear in "New Year's Eve," the highly anticipated romantic comedy starring Robert De Niro and Ashton Kutcher.