07/22/2011 10:02 am ET Updated Sep 21, 2011

Jon Stewart Mocks Pawlenty, Cain & Bachmann's Latest Campaign Snafus (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took a break from covering the Murdoch scandal Thursday to catch up with the 2012 Presidential campaign. Declaring Mitt Romney the clear front runner, Stewart had some fun seeing how Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann and especially Herman Cain are goofing up on the campaign trail.

Cain recently touted his "support and belief" of The Constitution on Fox News but said in the same interview that people have the right to ban Muslims from building mosques in their communities. His argument? That Islam combines church and state, and that somehow Muslims are misusing the first Amendement when they build houses of worship here. Stewart was flabbergasted:

"You think our first amendment protects us from their mosque, but in reality, the first amendment protects their mosque from us."

Cain was definitely the biggest recipient of Stewart's wit but he also made mention of Bachmann, who recently came under fire for her husband's ex-gay clinic and who is now facing doubt from the public over her "debilitating migraines."

"I've gotta say, out of all my issues with Bachmann's brain..." Stewart joked.

Watch the full clip below and hear Stewart's analogy comparing Mitt Romney to Narnia's "Aslan" and hear how a Fox News pundit made a big gaffe when talking about Romney's religion.