Mac OS X Lion Review: What Roars, What Snores

I'd be lyin' if I said the new Mac operating system isn't a total success in terms of early adoption: On the first day that OS X Lion was available, more than 1 million people downloaded the newbie from the App Store and installed it on their computers. According to Apple, this makes it the fastest selling operating system it has ever released -- a fine superlative, but with the caveat that this operating system is much easier to purchase than operating systems in the past (more on that a moment).

I was one of the million Mac users to upgrade to OS X Lion from Snow Leopard, and I've been using it for about a full day now. A couple of disclosures:

1. I use a Mac as my work computer, and a PC as my personal computer.
2. I come from a family of lifetime Windows users (Hello, Windows 95!).
3. I am familiar with previous Mac operating systems, but I am not some kind of Snow Leopard wizard.

Basically, I am not Tom-Cruise-in-Minority-Report when it comes to Mac operating systems, nor am I a complete neophyte. This review is more about essential, barebones user friendliness and immediate impressions rather than any under-the-hood or power-user concerns.

Without further ado, here is what I like and do not like about OS X Lion. Or, to be more poetic about Lion, here's what roars, and what snores:

LION OS X: What Roars, And What Snores