07/25/2011 01:12 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2011

Chase Carey, Possible Murdoch Successor, Sports Amazing Mustache (PHOTOS)

News Corp's phone hacking scandal is shaking the foundation of the Murdoch family that Rupert Murdoch placed at the center of his vast media empire.

Once poised to take over the company as CEO, Rupert's son James finds himself in an ever-sinking hole following recent accusations that he misled Parliament, and did know about phone hacking at News of the World. The New York Times proclaimed James Murdoch "done," and predicted that "if [Rupert] Murdoch is forced to choose between the family and the company he has built, he will choose the News Corporation."

In the wake of the scandal, one person might come out ahead, and that's News Corp deputy chairman Chase Carey. Some predict that he could be next in line to take over as CEO. The board has even discussed Chase Carey assuming Rupert Murdoch's position, though a source close to Murdoch told the Times that "Rupert would never do that at the point of a gun."

So who is the mysterious Chase Carey? The 57-year old has gained as much (or even more) attention for his distinctive and burly handlebar mustache, which he has had since as far back as 1998, as his role in the Murdoch empire.

The Financial Times recently shone a spotlight on Carey's handlebar mustache, writing:

Even Chase Carey's colleagues are not quite sure what lies behind the mustache. The greying thicket, delicately twirled at the ends, may conceal a rugby wound or car crash scar, they speculate. Or it could be a diversionary tactic; one unavoidably noticeable feature of a man who otherwise presents a studiously low-key face to the world?

See Chase Carey's mustache through the years: