08/14/2011 04:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Daphne Guinness: "The Murder Of Jean Seberg"

Daphne Guinness has pretty much done it all. The heiress has gotten dressed in the windows of Barneys NY, worn shoes with platforms that rival Lady Gaga and modeled for Tom Ford. One more item to add to her eccentric resume is actress, but not just any actress. Guinness stars in Joseph Lally's new film for ShowStudio, The Murder of Jean Seberg. Seberg, an Iowa native who abandoned the American screen for the French spotlight, died under mysterious circumstances in August of 1979. The film may not clear up the circumstances of her untimely death as Lally admits in the film that it is not the true story of Jean Seberg but rather what he dreamed her story would be. Just under an hour in length, this beautiful, wild film is worth watching.