07/26/2011 03:34 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2011

'Horrible Bosses' Sequel In Talks

A lukewarm critical reception does little to negate the star power of Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell and company, whose acerbic work-office revenge comedy has yukked up over 84 million dollars to date, according to Box Office Mojo. Now a "Horrible Bosses" sequel is in talks, according to Celebuzz.

"We're talking about it," helmer Seth Gordon told USA Today in reference to a "Horrible," part two.

Even those who panned the film are cheering on the prospect of a sequel.

"I say kill off everybody else and bring back Farrell for the sequel," Boston Globe critic Ty Burr wrote in his otherwise wholly unamused review of the flick, in reference to Colin Farrell, who plays the deliciously monstrous horrible boss Bobby Pellitt.

And Gordon actually agrees with the sentiment.

"I feel like it would be a shame not have Bobby Pellitt (back). Maybe in some sort of dream sequence," the director told USA Today.