07/26/2011 04:36 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2011

Enjoy The Rare Summer Days At These San Francisco Community Pools

While we don't see and 80-plus degree afternoon all that often in San Francisco, when we do, we go nuts. We strip down to our skivvies and scamper around like toddlers high on cupcakes. With summer around the corner, instead of prancing around in a bikini at Dolores Park, why not go for a dip at one of our city's oh-so fab community pools instead?

Mission Pool: Mission Pool is one of the only outdoor public pools in the city. For just $5 entry, it's clean, casual and perfect for pretending you live in LA -- but just for one afternoon. Check the pool's hours online before visiting as they change frequently.
101 Linda Street (415-641-2841 or

Rossi Swimming Pool: Famous for its friendly staff, Rossi in the Richmond is an indoor pool that offers classes for kiddos and adult swimmers alike. While it's an older facility and the lockers might not be as snazzy as that fancy downtown athletic club, it's the perfect spot to squeeze in an afternoon of aquatics.
600 Arguello Boulevard (415-666-7014

North Beach Pool: Located right in the middle of North Beach, this community watering hole is the perfect spot to grab a slice of pepperoni to carbo-load after your swim. They have two pools, a warm one and a cold one, and a sauna. The huge windows make you feel like your outdoors. Plus, it's only $5 a swim.
651 Lombard Street (415-391-0407 or

Charlie Sava Swimming Pool: For no-nonsense lap swimmers, $5 a swim at Sava Pool is worth every penny. True, it's an indoor pool, but with glass windows and a glass ceiling, it feel pretty outdoorsy -- at least when you're underwater.
2699 19th Avenue (415-661-6327 or

Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF: To use the pool at Bakar, you must either be a member or tag along with a member. With a rooftop pool with panoramic and picturesque views of the city, it's pretty worth it. The pool is one of few that's heated year round. (P.S. They even have a Jacuzzi.)
1675 Owens Street (415-514-4545 or