Kat Von D: Who Is She?

Kat Von D, born Katherine Drachenberg, is another celebrity finding fame via reality show success and a highly publicized and criticized relationship.

Von D gained some attention as the tattooed star of the TLC reality series, "LA Ink," but furthered her celebrity status when she began dating bad boy, Jesse James only months after his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock dramatically ended when his infidelity was revealed.

Despite warnings from James' mistress, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, Von D continued her whirlwind love affair with the motorbike aficionado and the pair were engaged in January of 2011. After months of gushing about their love for one another, followed by rumors they were on the rocks, the pair finally called it quits. Von D confirmed the breakup via her Twitter account late Monday evening.

Von D also turned herself into an author, writing "The Tattoo Chronicles" -- a year-long diary of the tattoo artist in which she documents her personal and professional growth. The success of her show and book, as well as the tumultuous ride her love life took, may have turned her into a household name. Her reality series, which was shot while the pair were still together, begins its fifth season at the end of the month.

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