07/29/2011 01:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Royal de Luxe Marionettes: Giant Puppets Take Their Performance To The Streets (VIDEO)

Often called the Cirque de Soleil of puppetry, street theatre company Royal de Luxe is bring sexy back to the art of marionettes. Not only are their puppets intricate in a nearly spooky way, but they also happen to be gigantic.

For the troupe's latest performance, Vimeo fan and filmmaker FKY documented the 3-day act of three spectacular puppets, a little girl, a dog and a man, the tallest measuring in at 18 feet high. According to the art lovers at Laughing Squid, the 18-foot little girl has a unique feature: pigtails created out of the tails of 70 horses.

While it seems like a very modern and trendy aspect to live theatre, the French company was founded back in 1979 in Nantes by Jean Luc Courcoult and has since then appeared on the streets of Berlin, Guadalajara, London and more.


ROYAL DE LUXE / EL XOLO from FKY on Vimeo.