08/01/2011 10:05 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2011

Jay-Z, Kanye Duke It Out Over 'The Throne' Tour

Watch The Throne? More like Watch Your Back.

Rumblings of a diva dispute between "The Throne" duo Kanye West and Jay-Z have surfaced on the internet, according to a New York Post piece published Monday. The paper reports that the hip-hop titans are "barely speaking to each other" on the day of their Live Nation tour ticket sales, thanks in part to 'Ye's predilection for ostentatious productions and Jay-Z's low threshold for his pal's theatrics.

"Jay is a stone-cold businessman. He wants to recoup all of his money from Live Nation. But Kanye wants to upstage rock stars with a blowout show. He doesn't care about costs. He has a lot less to gain from the shows," the New York Post cites from an unnamed source.

"Watch The Throne" is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the summer — dropping August 8th on iTunes on an exclusive digital release — since having been announced last August on Kanye's Twitter page.

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