Menswear In San Francisco: Shops Even Girls Will Love (PHOTOS)

This post comes to us courtesy of Refinery 29.

By Katie Hintz-Zambrano

When it comes to shopping locally, San Francisco guys have got it made. And while it seems that something new, super-innovative, and male-leaning pops up on the boutique scene every other month, that doesn't mean guys get to have all the fun. Many of these shops--from the cult-followed Unionmade and The Brooklyn Circus to relative newcomers Welcome Stranger and MAAS & Stacks--have rad offerings that even girls can indulge in. Well, ladies who want to try out the always-classic masculine-feminine look, at least.

Just check out these seven completely covetable men's shops after the jump that'll make you want to book a boy-girl shopping date asap:

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