08/02/2011 02:07 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2011

Savvy Guide to Getting the Interview and Making an Impression

After sorting through piles of resumes that all look similar, hiring managers hold rounds and rounds of interviews. Get through the first round of interviews and make a lasting impression with these basic fallback tips.

Step Up Your Job Search — Fortune suggests the following tips for job searching in a weak market: request more face-to-face meetings; step up your job-search activity; try to be as flexible as you can; consider relocating; scour the hidden job market; spend very little of your time on Internet job boards and help-wanted ads; take advantage of social networking sites.

Put Yourself in the Interviewer's Shoes — Put yourself in the interviewer's shoes. When she's looking at your resume, what questions will she likely develop? Come up with specific experiences that go with each question and work out the best answer when you practice aloud. Then, ask a friend to play interviewer and think of her own questions.

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