08/02/2011 08:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Harrison Ford Doesn't Play With Smurfs (VIDEO)

Man, Harrison Ford just keeps on killing it with his wacky but wildly entertaining appearances recently on late night television. On "Conan" Monday night, the "Cowboys and Aliens" star grumbled about the "Smurfs" movie, which opened on the same weekend — and about his son, who apparently paid money to watch the latter but not the former. In an act of mock rage, Ford then ceremoniously rips the head of a toy smurf to both the host's and the audience's delight.

This follows last week's hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, which had Ford squaring off with Chewbacca spewing things like "Daniel Craig is my wookie bitch now!" and last November's more loopy appearance on Conan O'Brien, which generated speculation that the 69-year-old was under the influence of, well, something. We think it's called a dose of awesome?