08/03/2011 03:02 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2011

Duane Perara Drinks Coke Around The World (VIDEO)

Duane Perara was about to turn 30 and needed a life change. So he decided to travel around the world. In each place he visited (48 different cities across 36 countries), Perara bought a Coke, and documented each bottle and can on his ResetLiveGrow YouTube channel.

It's a fun and entertaining video that shows clips of many of the world's wonders. But perhaps an unintentional effect of Perara's video is watching the indirect impact of globalization through the many manifestations of a Coke bottle.

Perara's project was apparently not funded by Coca-Cola; he says that he accumulated $27,000 in debt. However, he has had talks with company executives about using his footage.

It could be mere coincidence that in 2009 it was reported that Coca-Cola would fund three bloggers to travel for a year to all 206 countries in which the soda is sold. The participants were to tweet, blog and post videos on YouTube.

A phone call to Coca-Cola was not immediately returned.

UPDATE: Coca-Cola told HuffPost Food that it "did not have any formal relationship with Duane." However, the company did tweet and share the video on Facebook.

Coca-Cola's Expedition 206 concluded last year and focused on "what made people happy."