08/04/2011 06:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

49ers Release Model Of New Santa Clara Stadium (VIDEO)

We haven't seen the bar menu at the proposed 49er stadium in Santa Clara, but if it's anything like the stadium itself, we're fully expecting Racer 5, Kumamotos and a charcuterie platter available via iPad ordering system.

On Wednesday, the developers over at HNTB (the stadium architect) released a new model for the proposed stadium, as reported by SFGate, and she's a beauty. And a complete homage to Northern California. No, seriously.


The 68,500 seats are painted shades of red to reflect California's famous wine heritage. The rooftop garden boasts recycled wood, native grasses and a shade trellis of solar panels. And please don't get up -- you can order those single-origin garlic truffle fries from your iPhone. To be delivered. Not joking.

"People are going to be able to go to the roof deck, there's a garden there with existing regional species," said design director Fernando Vazquez to ABC7. "That means water-resistant, natural grasses that don't need to watered artificially, just the rain water will be fine. And a recycled wood deck that is shaded by solar panels."

Though the plans include four levels of suites, HNTB is following the college stadium model to bring general seating closer to the field. As National Design Director Tim Cahill, who also designed the Denver Bronco's stadium, explained, "Some stadiums isolate fans from each other. The Yorks have never really wanted to do that. They want this to be about an enhanced fan experience for all patrons."

According to the plan, visitors will enter the stadium via escalators that open up to a panoramic terrace with views of the field and the surrounding hills. For drinks and snacks, fans visit one of the glass-encased viewing plazas so they don't miss a play while grabbing a glass of pinot noir or an amuse bouche.

In the offseason, the stadium will be home to concerts, other sports, and events. (The 2015 Burning Man, surely.)

Our insatiable desire to be cynical about the absolutely over-the-top stadium plan is trumped only by our squealing enthusiasm to actually visit said stadium.

Now if they could only come up with that pesky half a billion dollars…

Until then, check out all of the juicy details in this video from ABC7: