08/04/2011 11:29 am ET Updated Oct 04, 2011

NBA Season Canceled? Billy Hunter, Players Union Chief, Predicts Lost 2011-12 Season

If NBA Players Union Executive Director Billy Hunter had to wager on it, he would bet that the 2011-2012 NBA season will get canceled.

While speaking to the National Bar Association during a conference in Baltimore on Wednesday, Hunter, the executive director of the players union since 1996, spoke plainly about his fears that the NBA would have to cancel the upcoming season due to irreconcilable differences between the players and the owners. Hunter revealed that NBA Commissioner David Stern is limited in his negotiating capacity by a newer generation of hard line owners.

"The circumstances have changed among his constituency. In the last six or seven years, there is a new group of owners to come in who paid a premium for their franchises, and what they're doing is kind of holding his feet to the fire."

This gloomy assessment comes shortly after the NBA filed a federal lawsuit that accused the players of not approaching the bargaining table in good faith. Although the NFL was able to resolve its issues without any games being missed, the same outcomes seems increasingly unlikely for the NBA.