08/05/2011 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fox News' Bob Beckel And Greg Gutfeld Insist They Were Joking About 'Pulling Punches' With Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

The Fox News hosts who said they've "pulled punches" with Sarah Palin because she is a coworker clarified their remarks on Thursday, insisting they were joking.

Bob Beckel and Greg Gutfeld caused a stir after saying on "The Five" that they've sometimes gone easy on the former governor due to her Fox News contributor status. When the comments hit the Internet, the two went to the AP to say they had not been serious.

On Thursday's episode of "The Five," Beckel and Gutfeld mocked the media for picking up the remarks. Gutfeld said that his comment that he tries to go easy on Palin because it would be awkward if he sees her "in a hallway" was clearly meant to be humorous because "she lives in Alaska--the hallway would have to be 5,000 miles long for me to actually run into her." He said the media only ran the stories because Palin was like "heroin" to them.

Beckel mimed choking himself with his tie and told the many, many "rags" that covered the remarks to "get a life."

"To say about me that I am not tough on Sarah Palin, are you kidding me?" he said.