08/05/2011 12:41 pm ET Updated Oct 05, 2011

Paul McCartney Hacked: The Best Beatles Hacking Puns (PHOTOS, POLL)

It was a hard day's hack! Yester-hack! Hack on the run! She hacked she hacked! Hello good-hack!

We just couldn't help coming up with Paul McCartney puns when the rock legend announced Thursday that he will be speaking to the British police about allegations that his phone was hacked into. (And yes, we know that not all of the above songs are not technically McCartney songs, so don't write in!)

Heather Mills, his ex-wife, has alleged that in 2001, a journalist from one of the Mirror Group's newspapers (though not the Daily Mirror, which was edited by Piers Morgan at the time) had quoted verbatim a message from McCartney and admitting to hacking her phone.

Those hacky raccoons!

We asked readers for their best #BeatlesHackingSongs and they delivered. See some of the best Beatles hacking puns below. Think of an ingenious one? Leave it in the comments or tweet @HuffPostMedia!