Boulder Rejects Many Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Caregiver Applications

After less than one year of requiring marijuana shops to get local licenses, the City of Boulder has rejected a third of all applicants looking to run medical marijuana dispensaries or growing operations in the city, 7News reports.

According to The Daily Camera, a total of 41 of 119 applications have been rejected for reasons that include zoning problems or incomplete paperwork. However, in approximately half the cases the rejection stems from the criminal records of owners, operators and investors. These rejections are stirring up a lot of controversy due to the fact that these 41 applications were from existing businesses that had opened prior to the adoption of the new local licensing rules.

To date, 38 businesses have been given local licenses and many of the 41 rejected businesses are remaining open while they appeal the city’s decision, but others have closed shop or moved to other cities with less strict regulatory rules, 9News reports.