08/09/2011 01:19 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

Peter Tosh Estate Partners With Political Advocacy Organizations

WASHINGTON -- The estate of reggae legend Peter Tosh has announced a series of partnerships aimed at bringing his music to a new generation of political activists.

Partnering with Greenpeace, Amnesty International and other advocacy organizations, Tosh's music will be used as a rallying cry for activists in campaigns from Greenpeace International, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and the Marijuana Policy Project.

The campaign will spotlight Legacy Edition reissues of Tosh’s Legalize It (1976) and Equal Rights (1977), with Amnesty International offering downloads of Tosh classic, "Get Up Stand Up," to anyone getting involved in the case of Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho, who received death threats following her expose of a child pornography ring.

With Amnesty International closing in on its 50th anniversary and Greenpeace closing in on its 40th, the organizations will celebrate the milestones with Tosh classics including "Equal Rights" and "Get Up Stand Up." Tosh's "Legalize It" will be used by Students for a Sensible Drug Policy to support federal legalization legislation recently introduced to Congress.

"As we face the new century there is no better message than 'Get up, Stand up,'" said Martin Lloyd, marketing communications manager for Greenpeace International, in a statement on Tuesday. "Peter Tosh's music has inspired activists around the world not to give up the fight for a green and peaceful future."

"'Get Up, Stand Up' became a rally cry at various Amnesty International music events and tours and continues to be a musical call to action for people worldwide to fight for dignity and freedom," said Karen Scott, manager of music relations for Amnesty International, in a statement on Tuesday. "Peter Tosh was a true pioneer and, like Amnesty International's activists, his music and legacy march on and continue to demand human rights and justice."