Artist Injects Herself With Horse Blood (VIDEO)

For the past several months, Artist Marion Laval-Jeantet prepared her body to accept horse blood plasma for her piece "May the Horse Live in Me," which explores the boundaries between what is animal and what is human. The piece is part of a larger show in Luxembourg at the Casino de Luxembourg focused on identity in contemporary society.

Laval-Jeantet and her artistic partner Benoit Magnin form a collective known as Art Oriente Object, and for the past 20 years they've been exploring trans-species relationships. Centre Press interviewed the article about the piece, about which she said "I had the feeling of being superhuman. I was not normal in my body. I was hyper, sensitive, hypernerveuse, very fearful. Emotionalism of herbivore. I could not sleep. I felt like being possibly a little horse."

Read the artists' statement about the project here, watch the piece below, and let us know whether you think it's art or not.