08/10/2011 02:57 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Returning To 'American Idol' For Season 11, Says Producer

After months waiting, it looks like Jennifer Lopez is finally ready to make her return to the "American Idol" stage official. Idol's Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe made the news this morning on Ryan Seacrest's morning show, "On Air With Ryan Seacrest," confirming the news.

“Do you want to do the Jennifer announcement here or are we still waiting?” Seacrest asked Lythgoe.

The producer replied: “I believe we’re still waiting for the official announcements but I am delighted to say that all three judges, along with the brilliant host of American Idol, will be back for the next season.”

As Lythgoe noted, this isn’t official until Fox makes their official announcement, which they have yet to do. However, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler already had deals set for another season, so their spots on the judges' table remain secure.

The Tyler-Lopez-Jackson combination has proven to be a winning one. Not only was "American Idol" nominated for 10 Emmy Awards, but it's put Lopez back on the map. She is reportedly looking at a Simon Cowell-like payday for her return.