08/10/2011 11:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lara Stone Wanted To Be A Garbage Man Or Maybe A Hooker, Addicted To Knitting

Lara Stone has made no secret of her acting aspirations, arguing that she'd make "a great evil Bond girl" and would love a supporting role in "Zoolander 2" (she's got the "Blue Steel" pose down, after all). But when chatting with British fashion magazine Stylist, the Dutch model talked of other professional dreams:

"I used to come up with these crazy jobs to try and provoke my parents but they said you can be anything you want. So I was like, 'I want to be a garbage man' and they were like 'That's OK we'll still love you!' And I was like 'I want to be...' maybe not quite a hooker... I don't know something outrageous and they were like 'that's OK!'"

Really? Mr. and Mrs. Stone sound awesome. They must be the source of Stone's self-confidence, which she's needed throughout her somewhat tumultuous career.

The frequent Vogue cover star was placed in the "bigger girl" category by the glossy in a December 2009 article entitled, "When Size 4 Is Too Big: A Curvy Model's Struggle To Fit In." All the weight-related pressure from the industry spun Lara out of control, as the model struggled with diets, exercise, even pills that made her heart race before turning to alcohol.

Now, Stone still admits to having an addictive personality but is channeling that energy into a more innocent pursuit, telling Stylist:

"I started [knitting] two months ago when I quit smoking. I have a totally addictive personality so I instantly downloaded all these apps for patterns. I've made lots of squares in different colors and then I'm sewing them together to make a blanket, it's getting quite big now."

We imagine Lara's parents are quite glad she's chosen knitting over hooker-ing.

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