08/11/2011 12:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15-50 Syndrome: Moms Turn Back The Clock With Their Daughters' Skimpy Clothes (VIDEO)

Ever heard of the "15-50 Syndrome"? Neither had we.

"Good Morning America" introduced us to the phrase, which describes women who look about 50 years old from the neck up, but dress as if they are 15.

These women, a new study from Temple University reports, are copying their daughters' fashion decisions in order to hang onto their youth. Celebs are setting the example, with everyone from Demi Moore and Rumer Willis to Madonna and Lourdes and even our dear Duchess of Cambridge and her mum Carole Middleton dressing more and more alike.

"GMA" corespondent Juju Chang picked out 55-year-old Karen Hammonds as a real-life example. A mother of three, Hammonds refuses to dress the part of a woman in her fifties (incidentally, when it comes to her hair styling, she also refuses to acknowledge it's no longer 1986).

"I get my style from them and that's why I dress like them," she explains, referring to her two daughters, age 22 and 26. They shop together at Walmart for skin-tight dresses and skinny jeans then wear the clothes out together when they hit the town.

But it's not a Cougar thing, Chang makes clear. Even though Hammonds' daughters male friends joke about having crushes on their divorced mother, Karen Hammonds only selects "age-appropriate men" for dating.

Age-appropriate clothing, on the other hand? Not so much. When all three walk into a room together, Karen says, people exclaim, "'Charlie's Angels just walked in!' And we just love it and ham it up."

Totally normal or complete denial? Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.