Angelina Jolie And Kids Refuse To Leave Rioting London

While "Twilight" beauty Kristen Stewart has fled the United Kingdom and Piers Morgan and Joel Madden weigh in on the London riots from the safety of America, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their six children refuse to give into the bullies and leave the country.

"Angelina has visited some of the most dangerous places on the planet and isn't about to pack her suitcase and evacuate just because a very small minority of violent youths have taken to the streets," an insider tells me.

After the shooting of a 29-year-old man by the British police, a peaceful protest turned violent with gangs setting fire to cars and buildings and looting stores.

"Angelina and her family could not be safer. She has her own private security and the rioting is limited to areas that she is staying away from," an ex-member of the British police force tells me. "What you are seeing on television is just awful but it is confined to a few very small areas."

Jolie and her family are staying in the very posh neighborhood of Richmond with full-time, private security and have no intention of not getting out and about to enjoy London. On August 6, they took in a West End production of the musical "Wicked," enjoyed a fun day out at a pottery café and even have plans to travel to Cornwall on the coast to enjoy the seaside where Brad is filming the zombie flick, "World War Z."

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