08/11/2011 05:29 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2011

Celebrity Commercials Before They Were Famous (VIDEO)

It wasn't always red carpets, box office blowouts, marquee lights and free swag for these celebs. No, eventual head turners and riot causing superstars got their starts hocking pizza and Pringles, 'Doing the Dew,' and keepin' it poppin' with Bubble Yum.

You'd barely recognize Morgan Freeman (if not for his voice) touting Listerine as a wire repairman or a tiny Sarah Michelle Gellar wagging a disapproving finger at McDonalds' Burger King-inferior meat patties.

From Evangeline Lilly's phone sex commercial to Paul Rudd's geek-tastic Super Nintendo spot, these celebs put the generation of the YouTube born, talent show made, instant stars to shame -- although they're the ones who may be hanging their heads low after these embarrassing videos make the rounds.