08/11/2011 03:57 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2011

Dionette Cherney, Pedestrian Hit By Cyclist, Dies (UPDATED)

A woman who was hit by a bicyclist while walking though a crosswalk at the intersection of Mission Street and The Embarcadero has died.

The pedestrian, who was reported to be in her 40s and whose identity has not been released, sustained serious head injuries when she was struck around 8:30am on the morning of July 15th.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

An investigation revealed that the bicyclist had run a red light, hitting the woman as she was crossing the street legally…said [SFPD Sgt. Albie Esparza]. The bicyclist was questioned at the scene before being released.

Esparza said police will present the case to the San Francisco's District Attorney's Office to determine if charges will be filed.

Esparza told CBS 5 that information on the scene suggested that the pedestrian was crossing the street legally and the cyclist was in the wrong.

The District Attorney's office is still deciding whether to press charges against the cyclist, who could theoretically face the same legal consequences as someone who hit a pedestrian while behind the wheel of an automobile.

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune said that, despite a popular conception to the contrary, most bike accidents don't involve collisions with cars; instead, "the more common threats are often found where you might least expect them: on car-free paths filled with…pedestrians, dog walks, in-line skaters and cyclists with varying sill levels."

UPDATE (4:59pm): Officials have identified the victim as 68-year-old Dionette Cherney.